About us

In 2008, a group of immensely talented IT professionals started a company ‘ Wage Wrinkle’ based on IT software. The company, this day, can be seen as one of those leading companies, ruling in the software industry world wide. The USP of the company is ,it always keeps you updated using latest technology for those softwares you desire for your MOBILE APPLICATION & WEB APPLICATION. Henceforth, the quality of team work brings it achievements time to time with increasing number of clients all over the world.




Our services


To be connected with the world in cost effective way, mobile is definitely an unique tool. Wage Wrinkle provides you newest software designs for your mobile like Android, iPhone etc. We also provide latest Gaming Applications for your mobile. Now you can enjoy a free time, full of fun.


Web Development

Present generation wants quick interaction and response in every aspect. That’s why many online portals are created , day by day. In Wage Wrinkle, our expert software team develops JAVA Application for your Web Development and they are using Dot Net and PHP to smoothen your web applications.

Digital Marketing

It’s something that clients in every corner of the earth are craving because they want their website or online business to be popular. Here we provide the digital marketing services through our SEO service to make your website sustain for long run.

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What else we provide?


Internship facility is available for the budding future professionals.

Low Cost Maintenance

People always looking for best things in low price. Here we are with the same you desire for.

Free Support

Our free support service is always at your reach to solve the qualms you have.